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Welcome to my Ulcerative Colitis Tips

Welcome to my Colitis Tips website where I hope to pass on valuable tips and recommendations from my experience dealing with ulcerative colitis. Hopefully these tips will save you a lot of time, effort and pain.

I’ve had colitis for over 6 years now. I’ve gone through and experienced every phase of Colitis symptoms from slight changes in bowel movement (slight colour change and slightly softer than normal poo) and frequency to bloody diarrhoea and going to hospital with severe dehydration, severe weight loss, constant high pulse,  very high fever, going to the toilet 12 times a day, auto-immune (that’s when the immune system is attacking itself!), etc… Not my idea of fun! It took me months to recover my weight and strength to live a normal life again where I could work a full day without being exhausted or needing a nap or a rest.

These tips and recommendations are intended to help people living with and having ulcerative colitis by recommending the actions I took which worked well and consistently for me to fight and minimise the digestive inflammatory disease.

Looking back I wish somebody would have given me some ulcerative colitis tips and a sense of direction to go towards as I had no idea where to start and who to listen to and what really works. That’s why I’ve decided to give you these tips, recommendations and experiences in the hope you will benefit from them. With the knowledge that I have now it would have spared me a lot of toilet running, pain, wasted time and low quality of life (can’t go out, meet friends, work properly etc.) as well as blood, sweat and tears – literally.

Use these tips with common sense and as guidelines. Observe how your body reacts and keep notes of this with what you ate and when. Keep observing and learning from your body’s reactions (and don’t make the same mistakes too often!). Remember, everyone’s body is different and everyone’s situation is slightly different – so keep observing and learning what works best for you!

If you’re also interested in helping others with UC please feel free to get in touch to share your tips and your recommendations – your feedback will be very much appreciated by me and other readers!

IMPORTANT – Please make sure you see your doctor to get the relevant tests done, get diagnosed correctly and get the prescribed medication.

I was misdiagnosed for several years and I didn’t know what to do and who to see. I wasn’t sure what I was dealing with and didn’t know how to talk about it and who to talk to. I lived with it for a long time and luckily it was mainly a mild condition for the majority the time which didn’t affect day-to-day living very much. But it did deplete my body of vital minerals, iron and vitamins and slowly eroded my body’s strength and reserves until it reached a very acute state of ulcerative colitis. I went to hospital where it was finally diagnosed correctly and then finally something effective could then be done about it. The time leading up to the hospital visit was not fun and it is definitely is not recommended to not know what one’s medical condition is – as it’s impossible to do anything about it effectively! This certainly taught me to look into and fix problems (not only medical) when they’re still small!

I hope you benefit from this website and wish you the best.

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